How many times have you been asked THIS question? Were you so shocked by the question that you didn’t have a clear, concise answer? Don’t worry if this is you, you’re not alone… I remember the first time that a Sr. Executive leader asked me this question, I was so stunned that I replied with the old tried & true answer of, “That’s a really good question”, which we all know is code for, I don’t have an answer that will make me sound credible so let me get back to you on that on. Well I quickly realize that I wouldn’t have too many more of those types of opportunities so I’d better be prepared with an answer quickly!

I decided to let my key stakeholders, “Sales Leadership” answer this question for me. This would give me an opportunity to build a group of Champions on my behalf while showing them that my organization would NEVER build what we “think the sales organization needs”, but instead wanted to build a long-standing, mutually equitable relationship that would lead to the maturation, growth & success of the company!

I met with all of our senior global sales leaders & asked them the following (10) questions:

  1. What is YOUR definition of Sales Enablement?
  2. If you had a blank canvas what would you see as the top (3-5) priorities for this quarter and fiscal year for your team(s)?
  3. What is YOUR definition of success, beyond “hitting the number”?
  4. How long is it currently taking to successfully on board a new sales professional?
  5. How are you currently tracking & reporting on the components of their on boarding experience?
  6. What type of feedback are you receiving around their on boarding experience?
  7. Who are your most successful 1st line managers & sales professionals, so that I can get their input/feedback?
  8. What if I could create a way to scale your top performers & drive more incremental revenue at a faster rate?
  9. What are you willing to commit to in order to ensure the success of your 1st line managers & their direct reports?
  10. How soon can we meet again so that I can share the results with you?

This will give you a sales focused foundation for your program & you now have a key sales partner for the life of your career as long as you deliver, track, & report on the feedback that you receive from these interviews.

I firmly believe that we can do ANYTHING… Just not EVERYTHING… By the way, never underestimate the power of work that other people will do for you!

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