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Transforming Leadership

Transforming Leadership

Roderick Jefferson, author of the Amazon Bestselling book, Sales Enablement 3.0, The Blueprint To Sales Enablement Excellence joins this episode  of the From Fear To Fire podcast is focused on Sales Enablement. This refers to the practice of equipping sales teams...

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People ARE The Point!

People ARE The Point!

Join Roderick Jefferson, keynote speaker, author, and originator of the name “Sales Enablement” on The Learning Culture Podcast.  He has a bestselling book out right now called Sales Enablement 3.0, and we explore the key points in the book as well as my curiosity...

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Roderick writes often about the industry of sales enablement. This blog posts and articles provides a wealth of best practices, examples, reports, and online resources. Consider this your go-to resource as you design and deploy an effective sales enablement strategy for your business.

Sales Enablement 3.0

Sales Enablement 3.0 is an innovative approach focused on increasing sales productivity through a systematic, personalized, and collaborative approach designed to support buyers that will fuel the conversation economy!

What Podcast Hosts Are Saying

Felix Krueger

Podcast Host (The State of Sales Enablement)

“Roderick Jefferson is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and engaging which is why he has already been featured twice on my podcast in two of the most downloaded episodes to date.”

John Barrows

Podcast Host (Make It Happen)

“Not only do I learn something new from Roderick every time I talk to him, I feel more optimistic and motivated after every conversation. He’s a wealth of knowledge with a unique perspective on life, business and everything in between. If you’re looking for a guest who will connect with your listeners and add value to their lives, I’d highly recommend having Roderick on your podcast!“  

Jeff Davis

Podcast Host (The Alignment Podcast)

“Roderick’s episode was one of the most listened to episodes and I believe that it because of his wealth of knowledge, unique point of view, and his ability to make complex topics easy to understand. I definitely felt like after our conversation my audience gained access to a masterclass in sales enablement and leadership.”

Amy Hrehovcik

Podcast Host (Real Revenue Hotline)

“Roderick is masterful with the microphone. He weaves together inspiration, strategy, and tactical better than anyone I know. Five star guest!”