Today the biggest challenge sales enablement leaders are facing is how to transition the company’s sales team to effectively sell in an age where buyers have over 50% of their research done by the time they engage.

We’ve joined forces with sales enablement veteran and guru, Roderick Jefferson, who has spent 2+ decades helping sales teams at companies such as Marketo, Oracle, Salesforce, PayPal, NetApp, and AT&T. Roderick has first-hand knowledge of the challenges sales enablement leaders face.

Join Roderick and Pat Lynch, MindTickle’s own veteran sales enablement expert, for a 45-minute online webinar where you’ll learn:

  •  A new definition of sales enablement (Hint: it’s not just about training)
  • What your senior executives need to understand about enablement
  • How sales enablement practitioners should approach their roles
  • How to align sales enablement teams with company leadership and more…

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