Do you want me to listen, do you want me to fix, or do you want me to coach?

I was recently honored to be interviewed via podcast by SalesTuners around my focused for the past 20 years in Sales Enablement has been on making salespeople more productive, successful and money.

To listen to the full podcast click here!

My definition of Sales Enablement is not training! Here’s my definition of true Sales Enablement:

“Getting the right people, in the right conversations at the right time, armed with the right information”!

From there, it’s about driving incremental revenue. In my experience, the best way to justify Sales Enablement is to look at hardline ROI figures as it’s not about the program, but rather, about driving incremental revenue, closing more deals faster, and increasing productivity per lead.

To get started, the focus should be on the individual and how they learn. Each role is treated differently and it’s both science and art. The science is finding out what you need that scales broadly and the art is tailoring how to provide that information. Approaching enablement by focusing on the relationship is key to building trust. Every time I start a conversation with a sales person and/or sales manager, I ask the same three-part question:

Do you want me to listen, do you want me to fix, or do you want me to coach?

Asking these questions changes the conversation.

Thanks for sharing your time & looking forward to your feedback!


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