Every day presents new opportunities to come into contact with different ideas, people, or projects that require a reaction. It is estimated that people make upwards of 35,000 decisions per day. With so many decisions being made constantly, many people may experience mental burnout from what is known as decision fatigue — which refers to the difficulty in making a solid decision due to the number of decisions one needs to make. Decision fatigue is a phenomenon that extends into the workplace and can cause a more reactionary and hectic workflow among teams. To ensure the health of the sales organization in the long run, it can be beneficial to harness the ability to make decisions that are both more precise and efficient.

Breaking out of a reactive mindset can be difficult when enablement is often measured solely on the sales activities that drive impact on revenue. For example, the idea that producing and delivering more content created for sales teams will automatically lead to more deals closed may not always be the case and is often a knee-jerk response to how reps are using the current resources available to them.

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