• Blueprint To Success  |  #HopeIsNotAStrategy

    Built as a best practices share for Colleges & Universities.

    • Courage to Connect
    • Breaking the Glass Ceiling
    • Mentors vs. Sponsors
    • Navigating Corporate Culture
    • Networking Tools & Techniques
    • Power of Social Media
    • Value of a Strong Resume
    • Interview Tips & Tricks

    As a Guest Lecturer, Roderick will:

    • Contribute to increased enrollment.
    • Contribute to improved student retention.
    • Contribute to improved graduate outcomes
    • Decreased student debt default.

    Primary Audiences:

    • Colleges and Universities
    • Historically Black Colleges & Universities
    Did you know that college enrollment has declined by over 810,000 students since 2010? (National Center For Education)
    Roderick will contribute to increased enrollment by providing access to an award-winning, global Executive leader with over twenty-years of experience at Fortune 1,000 companies.
    Did you know that only 4-in-10 undergraduates actually achieved their goal of earning a bachelor’s degree within four years, and six in ten (59.2 percent) completed their degrees within six years? (Source: Ellucian)
    Roderick will contribute to improved student retention by participating in extra-curricular educational opportunities such as guest lectures from award winning industry leaders.
    Did you know that outstanding student loan balances in the United States ballooned to $1.2 trillion? (Source: Fortune Magazine)